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HSST Geography Solved Paper 29/2015/OL - Part 4

61.       Glacial control theory on the origin of coral reefs was putforwarded by
(A) Darwin
(B) Murray
(C) Davis
(D) Daly
Answer: D
62.       Which of the following are the true essentials of the spatial tradition?
(A) Location
(B) Geometry and Movement
(C) Direction
(D) Distance
Answer: B
63.       Choose the incorrect statement.
(A) Squatter settlements are also called autonomous settlements
(B) The term conurbation was putforwarded by Geddes
(C) The word Umland was first used by Von Thunen
(D) Rural urban fringe is also known as an area of great differentiation
Answer: C
64.       The Sudan type climate is found in
(A) Mediterranean region
(B) Rainy tropics
(C) Wet and dry tropics
(D) Dry continentals
Answer: C
65.       Most densely populated country in the world
(A) Singapore
(B) Japan
(C) Bangladesh
(D) Monaco
Answer: D
66.       Savanna grasslands are related to
(A) Dry continentals
(B) Mediterranean lands
(C) Rainy tropics
(D) Wet and dry tropics
Answer: D
67.       A Dutch Cartographer who developed the first Web Map Classification
(A) Jan-Menno Kraak
(B) Stan Aronoff
(C) Yue-Hong Chou
(D) Tomlinson
Answer: A
68.       Most popular source of irrigation in the high ground water potential areas
(A) Wells and tube wells
(B) Canals
(C) Tanks
(D) Drip irrigation
Answer: A
69.       Scattering occurs when particles are very small compared to the wavelength of the radiation
(A) Mie scattering
(B) Rayleigh scattering
(C) Non selective scattering
(D) None of these
Answer: B
70.    The atmospheric layer which is also known as Kennelly-Heaviside layer is
(A) E-Layer
(B) D-Layer
(C) F-Layer
(D) G-Layer
Answer: A
71.    Choose the incorrect statement
(A) The biological association between two organisms of different species, both of which are benefited and one often unable to exist without it is called Mutualism
(B) The relationship between organisms in which one species is harmed by the presence of the other but the other species remains unaffected is Amensalism
(C) When one animal kills or hunts the other animal for food, the act of killing is called Parasitism
(D) The relationship where one organism derives the benefit and the other is unaffected is Parasitism
Answer: D
72.    The tradition which is emerged in the Greece by the work of Aristotle
(A) Earth Science Tradition
(B) Spatial Tradition
(C) Area-studies Tradition
(D) None of these
Answer: A
73.    The concept of 'Standard Urban Area' was introduced in India during
(A) 1971 Census
(B) 1961 Census
(C) 1981 Census
(D) 1991 Census
Answer: A
74.    The largest beef producer in the world
(A) Argentina
(C) Brazil
(D) Australia
Answer: B
75.    A typical mediterranean climate is characterised by
(A) Winter rainfall and summer aridity
(B) Winter aridity and summer rainfall
(C) Rainfall in both winter and summer
(D) Aridity in both winter and summer
Answer: A
76.    The Hub of petrochemical industry in India
(A) Cochin
(B) Kolkata
(C) Mumbai
(D) Vishakapatnam
Answer: C
77.    Fujita scale is used to assess
(A) The severity of cyclone
(B) Severity of Tsunami
(C) The hardness of minerals
(D) The relative severity and damage of tornadoes
Answer: D
78.    The physiographic region is a
(A) Functional region
(B) Formal region
(C) Planning region
(D) Special region
Answer: B
79.    Total weight of moisture content per volume of air at definite temperature is
(A) Vapour pressure
(B) Specific humidity
(C) Relative humidity
(D) Absolute humidity
Answer: D
80.    NCEPC stands for
(A) National Commission on Environmental Planning and Coordination
(B) National Committee on Environmental Planning and Cooperation
(C) National Committee on Environmental Planning and Coordination
(D) National Corporation for Environmental Planning and Coordination
Answer: C

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