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HSST Home Science Solved Paper 48/2016/OL - Part 4

61.       "Rorschach" ink blot test is an attempt to study
(A) The IQ level of subjects
(B) The visual ability
(C) Personality characteristics
(D) Numerical ability
Answer: C
62.       The type of play where two children play side by side without showing interest or concern for one another.
(A) Parallel play
(B) Solitary play
(C) Role play
(D) Group play
Answer: A
63.       According to Piaget, the stage of cognitive development of a pre-school child
(A) Sensory-motor stage
(B) Concrete operations stage
(C) Formal operations stage
(D) Pre-operational thought stage
Answer: D
64.       Experiences which prepare the child in learning the 3 R's are called
(A) Readiness activities
(B) Childhood experiences
(C) Preparatory activities
(D) Home experiences
Answer: A
65.       An important Landmark Act in India in the direction of ensuring equal opportunities for people with disabilities
(A) Multiple Disabilities Act, 1998
(B) Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995
(C) Act on School Education, 1991
(D) Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 1990
Answer: B
66.       Which among the following is not a common form of social behaviour observed during pre-school age?
(A) Desire for Social Approval
(B) Friendliness
(C) Negativism
(D) Developing a conscience
Answer: D
67.       Poor attention span, easy distractability, excessive activity levels are seen in children with
(A) Attention deficit disorder
(B) Cerebral palsy
(C) Attention distraction disorder
(D) Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Answer: D
68.       Assessment of development in children does not involve the measurement of
(A) Abilities
(B) Incidental infections
(C) Development tasks they can carry out
(D) Aptitude
Answer: B
69.       The most distinguishing trait of autistic child is
(A) Echolalia
(B) Inadequate motor development
(C) Inability to relate to parents
(D) Low IQ
Answer: A
70.    Montessori system of pre-school does not emphasize
(A) Independence
(B) Freedom within limits
(C) Same age group of children in a classroom
(D) Natural psychological development
Answer: C
71.    VAD is more prevalent among
(A) Young children
(B) Adult women
(C) Girls
(D) Adolescents
Answer: A
72.    Which among the following is not a method of nutritional anthropometry?
(A) Waist circumference measurement
(B) Estimation of blood pressure
(C) Skin fold measurement
(D) Mid upper arm circumference measurement
Answer: B
73.    Anaemia in rural population may be due to infestation with
(A) Tape worm
(B) Pin worm
(C) Hook worm
(D) Round worm
Answer: C
74.    Iodine deficiency does not cause
(A) Miscarriage
(B) Mental retardation
(C) Dermatitis
(D) Vision impairment
Answer: D
75.    Angular stomatitis and cheilosis are symptoms of the deficiency of
(A) Niacin
(B) Calcium
(C) Iron
(D) Thiamin
Answer: A
76.    Infant Mortality Rate in Kerala as per the SRS 2014 is
(A) 12
(B) 13
(C) 14
(D) 15
Answer: A
77.    The food law amended in 2006 to ban the sale of un-iodised salt for human consumption in India.
(A) Fruit Products Order
(B) Food Products Order
(D) Prevention of Food Adulteration Act
Answer: D
78.    Which among the following is not an essential element of food security?
(A) Adequate availability of food
(B) Efficient distribution
(C) Supplementary feeding
(D) Availability of adequate purchasing power with people
Answer: C
79.    The best enhancer of iron absorption in the body
(A) Oxalic acid
(B) Ascorbic acid
(C) Phytic aicd
(D) Tannins
Answer: B
80.    Which among the following is a form of Vitamin D?
(A) Phytosterol
(B) Cholecalciferol
(C) Ergosterol
(D) Phytoergoesterol
Answer: B

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