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HSST Home Science Solved Paper 48/2016/OL - Part 5

81.       RDA of dietary folate for a pregnant woman is
(A) 300 mcg
(B) 500 mcg
(C) 400 mcg
(D) 600 mcg
Answer: B
82.       Aetiological factor for peptic ulcer
(A) H. pylori
(B) Eating habits
(C) Stress
(D) All of above
Answer: D
83.       Which of the following is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids?
(A) Fatty fish
(B) Butter
(C) Sunflower oil
(D) Lard
Answer: A
84.       Tube feeding is also known as
(A) Parenteral feeding
(B) Bolus feeding
(C) Gavage feeding
(D) Supplementary feeding
Answer: C
85.       To reduce the risk of CVD, the LDL and HDL levels should be
(A) LDL less than 200 mg/dL and HDL less than 40 mg/dL
(B) LDL less than 200 mg/dL and HDL more than 40 mg/dL
(C) LDL less than 240 mg/dL and HDL more than 60 mg/dL
(D) LDL less than 240 mg/dL and HDL less than 60 mg/dL
Answer: B
86.       In kidney failure patients, the GFR will be
(A) 90 ml or more/min
(B) 15 ml or less/min
(C) 60 ml or more/min
(D) 60 ml or less/min
Answer: B
87.       Antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables
(A) Vit. C
(B) Vit. K
(C) Vit. B12
(D) Vit. B1
Answer: A
88.       Fat soluble Vitamins are mainly stored in
(A) Kidney
(B) Stomach
(C) Liver
(D) Blood
Answer: C
89.       A source of soluble fibre
(A) Wheat bran
(B) Sugars
(C) Honey
(D) Oats
Answer: D
90.    An example of conditionally essential fatty acid
(A) Butyric acid
(B) Stearic acid
(C) Arachidonic acid
(D) Palmitic acid
Answer: C

91.    The iron requirement of an NPNL adult woman is
(A) 21 mg/dL
(B) 28 mg/dL
(C) 31 mg/dL
(D) 38 mg/dL
Answer: A
92.    A specific teaching style preferred by an innovative learner
(A) Questioning
(B) Discussion
(C) Independent project
(D) Audio listening
Answer: C
93.    An example of non-conventional novel food developed for nutrition security
(A) Soya chunks
(B) Bengal gram flour
(C) Egg
(D) Vegetables
Answer: A
94.    Which among the following enzymes is not produced using gene technology?
(A) Alpha amylase
(B) Chymosin
(C) Protease
(D) Ptyalin
Answer: D
95.    Functional additives are incorporated into food processing operations that make use of
(A) Low-level technologies
(B) High-level technologies
(C) Middle-level technologies
(D) Home-scale methods
Answer: B
96.    Which of the following is not an application of nanotechnology in food industry?
(A) Genetic recombination
(B) Antimicrobial packing
(C) Enhanced nutrient delivery
(D) Improved texture
Answer: A
97.    Probiotic bacteria taken together with prebiotics that support their growth are called
(A) Symbiosis
(B) Synbiotics
(C) Neobiotics
(D) Prebiotics
Answer: B
98.    The sub-mission of National Health Mission launched in May 2013 to expand health coverage to urban areas.
Answer: C
99.    The National Mission launched in 2010 with the aim to strengthen overall processes that promote all-round development of women.
(A) Mission Poorna Shakti
(D) National Rural Women Mission
Answer: A
100.    An example of a probiotic food
(A) Milk
(B) Apple
(C) Carrot
(D) Kefir
Answer: D

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