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HSST Sociology Solved Paper 29/2016/OL - Part 4

61.       The notion that resources flow from periphery to core is central to ..................... theory.
(A) Liberalism
(B) Dependency
(C) Modernization
(D) Marxian
Answer: B
62.       The 'Cyclical Theory of Population' growth is related to
(A) Saddler
(B) Ricardo
(C) Ginni
(D) Dumount
Answer: C
63.       Who led the Vikom temple-road entry movement?
(A) K. Krishnapilla
(B) C. Achutha Menon
(C) A. K. Gopalan
(D) T. V. Madavan
Answer: D
64.       Who edited the book 'The Modern World System'?
(A) Immanuel Wallerstein
(B) Daniel Lerner
(C) Karl Polayanyi
(D) Jacques Derrida
Answer: A
65.       Which was the capital city of Perumals?
(A) Kozhokode
(B) Kodungalure
(C) Kollathunadu
(D) Mahodhayapuram
Answer: D
66.       The headquarters of WTO is situated in
(A) Norvey
(B) France
(C) Geneva
(D) Tokyo
Answer: C
67.       Who give the 'Axiate Hypothesis', while discussing the process of urbanization?
(A) Burgess
(B) Galpin
(C) Homen Hyot
(D) MacIver
Answer: B
68.       Matrilineal Nair joint family is called
(A) Tharavad
(B) Illam
(C) Agraharam
(D) None of these
Answer: A
69.       Among the following which is not a feature of a Suburb
(A) Crime and Delinquency
(B) Slums
(C) Specialization
(D) Isolation
Answer: B
70.    Who wrote 'Cultural Symbiosis'?
(A) T. K. Oomman
(B) T. K. Gangadharan
(C) M. G. S. Narayanan
(D) Sreedhara Menon
Answer: C
71.    Among the following who was the leader of Guruvayur Satyagraha?
(A) K. Kellappan
(B) V. T. Bhattathirippad
(C) E. M. S. Namboothiripad
(D) K. P. Kesavamenon
Answer: A
72.    The concept of 'Ideological State Apparatus' is introduced by
(A) Raymod Aron
(B) Thompson
(C) E. Shils
(D) Louis Althusser
Answer: D
73.    Who introduce the concept 'Risk Society'?
(A) Erich Fromn
(B) Ulrich Back
(C) Fukuyama
(D) Ogburn
Answer: B
74.    Among the following who is associated 'Labeling Theory'?
(A) David Matza
(B) Richard
(C) Howard Becker
(D) Edwin M.
Answer: C
75.    Kanu Sannyal was the leader of .................. Movement.
(A) Boodan Movement
(B) Telengana Movement
(C) Nijai Bol Movement
(D) Naxalbari Movement
Answer: D
76.    According to Max Weber, stratification of society is based on
(A) Class, Status, Power
(B) Authority, Power, Coercion
(C) Power, Status, Wealth
(D) Class, Status, Authority
Answer: A
77.    The concept 'Hegemony' was used by
(A) Louis Althusser
(B) Antonio Gramsci
(C) Pollack
(D) Ralf Dahrendorf
Answer: B
78.    Who edited the book 'Tribal Movement in India'?
(A) M.S.A. Rao
(B) Ghanshyam Shah
(C) K. S. Singh
(D) S. C. Dube
Answer: C
79.    The concept 'Cultural Capital' was used by
(A) Wallerstein
(B) Marianne Weber
(C) Bourdieu
(D) Habermas
Answer: C
80.    Among the following who studied the kinship organization of India?
(A) K. M. Kappadia
(B) T. N. Madanan
(C) M. N. Sreenivas
(D) Iravti Karve
Answer: D

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