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Lecturer in Computer Application Solved Paper 125/2017 - Part 2

21.       UNIVAC is:
(A) Universal Automatic Computer
(B) Universal Array Computer
(C) Universal Automatic Control
(D) Unvalued Automatic Computer
Answer: A
22.       DBMS is a collection of …………….. that enables users to create and maintain a database.
(A) Keys
(B) Translators
(C) Program
(D) Language Activity
Answer: C
23.       In a relational schema, each tuple is divided into fields called:
(A) Relations
(B) Domains
(C) Queries
(D) All of the above
Answer: B
24.       Which is single user operating system?
Answer: A
25.       In which year the first operating system was developed?
(A) 1910
(B) 1940
(C) 1950
(D) 1980
Answer: C
26.       How can you disable extended selection mode?
(A) Press F8 again to disable
(B) Press Del to disable
(C) Press Esc to disable
(D) Press Enter to disable
Answer: C
27.       Maximum length of DOS command using any optional parameter is:
(A) 26 Character
(B) 87 Character
(C) 127 Character
(D) None of above
Answer: C
28.       Which of the following helps to reduce spelling error in the document?
(A) Auto format
(B) Auto correct
(C) Smart tags
(D) Auto test
Answer: B
29.       Disk copy command in DOS is used to:
(A) Copy a file
(B) Copy contents of one floppy disk to another
(C) Copy contents of CD-ROM to another
(D) All of the above
Answer: B
30.    What is gutter margin?
(A) Margin that is added to the left margin when printing
(B) Margin that is added to right margin when printing
(C) Margin that is added to the binding side of page when printing
(D) Margin that is added to the outside of the page when printing
Answer: C
31.    VGA is:
(A) Video Graphics Array
(B) Visual Graphics Array
(C) Volatile Graphics Array
(D) Video Graphics Adapter
Answer: A
32.    Disk scheduling includes deciding:
(A) Which should be accessed next?
(B) Order in which disk access requests must be serviced
(C) The physical location of the file
(D) The logical location of the file
Answer: B
33.    CD-ROM stands for:
(A) Compactable Read Only Memory
(B) Compact Data Read Only Memory
(C) Compactable Disk Read Only Memory
(D) Compact Disk Read Only Memory
Answer: D
34.    Which technique is used by operating system to execute several programs concurrently by switching back and forth?
(A) Partitioning
(B) Multitasking
(C) Windowing
(D) Paging
Answer: C
35.    Dispatcher function is to:
(A) Put tasks in I/O wait
(B) Schedule tasks in processor
(C) Change task priorities
(D) All of the above
Answer: A
36.    Where can you set the shading color for a range of cells in Excel?
(A) Chose required color form Patterns tab of Format cells dialog box
(B) Chose required color on Fill Color tool in Formating toolbar
(C) Chose required color on Fill Color tool drawing toolbar
(D) All of the above
Answer: D
37.    Operating system is:
(A) a collection of hardware components
(B) a collection of input outputs devices
(C) a collection of software routines
(D) all of the above
Answer: C
38.    Which enables us to send the same letter to different persons?
(A) macros
(B) template
(C) mail merge
(D) none
Answer: C
39.    Which one is example for network database?
(A) Unify
(B) Ingress
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
40.    Which of the following format you can decide to apply or not in Auto Format dialog box?
(A) Number format
(B) Border format
(C) Font format
(D) All of the above
Answer: D

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