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Lecturer in Computer Application Solved Paper 125/2017 - Part 5

81.       If the state of the database no longer reflects a real state of the world that the database is supposed to capture, then such a state is called:
(A) Inconsistent state
(B) Parallel state
(C) Durable state
(D) Consistent state
Answer: A
82.       A transaction completes its execution is said to be:
(A) Committed
(B) Aborted
(C) Rolled back
(D) Failed
Answer: A
83.       Which of the following allows substitution of code to occur at the translation time in a JSP page?
(A) <jsp:include> Tag
(B) <@include> directive
(C) <@page> directive
(D) Declaration block
Answer: B
84.       Which EJB uses EJB-QL for query operations?
(A) BMP Entity Bean
(B) CMP Entity Bean
(C) Session Bean
(D) Message-Driven Bean
Answer: B
85.       Which of the following is used to redirect the response from a servlet to a JSP page?
(A) response.sendRedirect()
(B) request.sendRedirect()
(C) request.forward()
(D) response.forward()
Answer: A
86.       Which of the following are not a container for EJB?
(i) Internet Information Server
(ii) Java System Application Server
(iii) Tomcat
(iv) WebLogic
(A) Both (i) and (ii) above
(B) Both (ii) and (iii) above
(C) Both (iii) and (iv) above
(D) Both (i) and (iii) above
Answer: D
87.       Which method of the request object is used to extract values of the input fields in a form when it is submitted?
(A) getParameter
(B) getParameterNames
(C) getValues
(D) putValues
Answer: A
88.       Which of the following is not true for servlet?
(A) It is persistent
(B) Platform independent
(C) High performance
(D) It is single threaded
Answer: D
89.       Which part of multi-tier enterprise application contains EJB component?
(A) Application Server
(B) Web Server
(C) Database Server
(D) Fat Client
Answer: A
90.    Which of the following is true for Java Bean?
(A) It can not be a GUI component
(B) It never implements serializable interface
(C) It has zero-argument constructor
(D) It is a distributed component
Answer: C
91.    Metal Molds for mass-producing CDs are known as:
(A) Father
(B) Mothers
(C) Sons
(D) Sisters
Answer: C
92.    What is the quicktime embedded HTML command?
(B) Hues
Answer: C
93.    Which of these is not likely to be the responsibility of a multimedia project?
(A) Create interfaces
(B) Ensure the visual consistency of the project
(C) Structure content
(D) Create budgets and timelines for the project
Answer: D
94.    Identify the Macintosh character for<>
(A) (....)Ellipse
(C) ““
(D) =
Answer: B
95.    Which of the following mechanism is used to achieve concurrency control?
(A) Clusters
(B) Triggers
(C) Control access
(D) Locks
Answer: D
96.    If a program is under execution by CPU then we say the process is under:
(A) CPU Burst
(B) Process
(C) I/O Burst
(D) Ready Queue
Answer: A
97.    In a segmentation scheme the logical memory will be divided into:
(A) Pages
(B) Frames
(C) Blocks
(D) Segments
Answer: D
98.    Information in the file is processed in order, one record after another. This mode of access is called …………..
(A) Relative
(B) Sequential
(C) Direct
(D) Index
Answer: B
99.    Which of the following is in correct order of size, smallest first?
(A) Cylinder, track, sector
(B) Cylinder, sector, track
(C) Sector, track, cylinder
(D) Sector, cylinder, track
Answer: C
100.    The set of pages that a process is currently using is called as:
(A) Program
(B) Page Group
(C) Working Group
(D) Working Set
Answer: D

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