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HSST Malayalam Solved Paper 040/2016 - Part 5

Question Paper Code: 040/2016
Category Code:
Exam: HSST Malayalam (SR from SC/ST only)
Department: Higher Secondary Education
Date of Test: 03-03-2016
Alpha code: A
71.    The concept of Integral education is propounded by:
(A) Madan Mohan Malaviya
(B) Swami Vivekananda
(C) Sri Aurobindo
(D) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
72.    The idea that by placing a student in the position of a discoverer, she/he would learn much more than being merely told about things is associated with:
(A) Heuristic education
(B) Multimedia education
(C) Experiential education
(D) Reflective education
73.    The guidelines or rules that should be followed so that it will be easy for the students to comprehend the concepts or terms while teaching are:
(A) methods of teaching
(B) maxims of teaching
(C) strategies of teaching
(D) techniques of teaching
74.    The most important function of a teacher is to:
(A) manage instructional resources
(B) facilitate learning
(C) coordinate curricular activities
(D) provide information
75.    Which type of evaluation is carried out at the end of a course of study?
(A) Formative
(B) Diagnostic
(C) Summative
(D) Informal
76.    A set of principles to guide hind assist researchers in deciding which goals are most important in reconciling conflicting values when conducting research is called:
(A) Research ethics
(B) Deontological approach
(C) Utilitarianism
(D) None of the above
77.    Which of the following can best he described as a categorical variable?
(A) Age
(B) Annual income
(C) Grade point average
(D) Religion
78.    A research in which the researcher uses both qualitative and quantitative research within a stage or across two of the stages in the research process is known as:
(A) basic research
(B) quantitative research
(C) mixed method research
(D) mixed model research
79.    Which scientific method is a top-down or confirmatory approach?
(A) Deductive method
(B) Inductive method
(C) Hypothesis method
(D) Pattern method
80.    Which of the following is defined as a systematic method of evaluating statistical data based on results of several independent studies of the same problem?
(A) Factor Analysis
(B) Meta Analysis
(C) Systematic Analysis
(D) Factorial Analysis
63. D   64. A   65. C   66. D   67. C   68. A   69. B   70. C   71. C  
72. X   73. B   74. X   75. C   76. A   77. D   78. B   79. A   80. B               


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