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HSST Mathematics Solved Paper 36/2016/OL - Part 1

Question Paper Code: 36/2016/OL
Category Code: 139/2015
Exam: HSST Mathematics SR FOR SC/ST
Date of Test: 18-03-2016
Alphacode A

1.       Who among the following is the winner of Jnanapida award in 2015?
(A) Ragveer Chaudary
(B) Leeladhar Mandloi
(C) K.V. Chaudary
(D) S. Ramanugam
Answer: A
2.       Who is selected as the Miss Universe in 2015?
(A) Ariyana Guetirus
(B) Olivia Gordan
(C) Pia Alonso
(D) Maria Laiguna
Answer: C
3.       Who among the following is the winner of Ezhuthachan award in 2015?
(A) Sugathakumari
(B) K.R. Meera
(C) Puthussery Ramachandran
(D) Meloor Vasudevan
Answer: C
4.       The French open 2015 Women Championship is won by which of the following player?
(A) Venus Williams
(B) Serina Williams
(C) Simonia Halep
(D) Maria Sharapova
Answer: B
5.       Who among the following is the first Chairman of New Development Bank (NDB)?
(A) K.V. Kamath
(B) Nirbhay Sharma
(C) Dineshkumar Sharma
(D) Harshit Saumithra
Answer: A
6.       The scheme ''Project Arrow'' is related to which among the following term?
(A) Medicine
(B) Postal Department
(C) Telephone department
(D) Infrastructure facility
Answer: B
7.       In 2015 which among the following crop in Kerala get the ''Baumasuchika'' title?
(A) Pokkali Rice
(B) Vazhakulam Pinapple
(C) Wayanad Gadhakasala Rice
(D) Changalikodan
Answer: D
8.       In 2015 which among the following film won the title ''Suvarnachakoram'' in Kerala International Film Festival?
(A) Shadow behind the moon
(B) Ottal
(C) Ozhivu Divasathe Kali
(D) Jalal's story
Answer: B
9.       The American Spacecraft New Horizon is launched to study which among the following planet?
(A) Moon
(B) Pluto
(C) Mars
(D) Venus
Answer: B
10.    Which among the following Constitutional Amendment Act is related to the Land Boundary Agreement between India and Bangladesh?
(A) 100
(B) 119
(C) 110
(D) 112
Answer: A

11.    The best teacher is one who is capable of …………….
(A) giving a good result
(B) inspiring the students to learn
(C) completing the topic in time
(D) helping the students in preparing notes
Answer: B
12.    'Learning by Doing' principle is reflected in …………..
(A) Realism
(B) Idealism
(C) Pragmatism
(D) Naturalism
Answer: C
13.    In inductive reasoning, one proceeds from
(A) particular to general
(B) general to particular
(C) rational to empirical
(D) none of these
Answer: A
14.    Which of the following is a projective aid for teaching?
(A) Still model
(B) Working model
(C) Charts
(D) Slides
Answer: D
15.    The most significant system of evaluation is ……………
(A) Formative evaluation
(B) Summative evaluation
(C) Continuous and comprehensive evaluation
(D) Continuous evaluation
Answer: C
16.    Characteristics of descriptive research studies are
(A) They do not involve hypothesis formulation and testing
(B) They use logical methods of inductive-deductive reasoning to arrive at generalizations
(C) They never employ methods of randomization in sampling
(D) The variables and procedures are not described accurately and completely
Answer: B
17.    Conditions or characteristics that the experimenter manipulates or controls in his or her attempt to ascertain their relationship to observed phenomena are called ……………
(A) Independent variables
(B) Dependent variables
(C) Confounding variables
(D) None of these
Answer: A
18.    Types of experimental validity are
(A) Content and construct validity
(B) Statistical validity
(C) Internal validity
(D) Internal validity, external validity, statistical validity and construct validity
Answer: D
19.    Qualitative research focuses on …………….
(A) In-depth interview only
(B) Observations only
(C) Document analysis, in-depth interview and observations
(D) Document analysis only
Answer: C
20.    Probability based sampling method is ………….
(A) Stratified sampling
(B) Purposive sampling
(C) Random sampling
(D) Judgement sampling
Answer: A

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