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HSST Political Science Solved Paper 33/2015/OL - Part 3

41.       In India all revenue and capital grants are distributed by
(A) National Development Council
(B) Finance Commission
(C) Planning Commission
(D) Cabinet Committee of the Plan
Answer: B
42.       The Constitution provides for a federation, in which each level of government has a parliamentary form of democracy based on the
(A) American Model
(B) Westminster Model
(C) German Model
(D) Canadian Model
Answer: B
43.       Vigilance department works under which ministry?
(A) Human Resources and Development Ministry
(B) Defense Ministry
(C) Home Ministry
(D) Prime Minister's Secretariat
Answer: C
44.       Which one of the following statements relating to the power of Judicial Review in India is correct?
(A) Supreme Court can be directly approached for judicial review of legislative decisions
(B) Supreme Court can take up matters for judicial review on its own
(C) Supreme Court can ask lower courts to submit a case for its judicial review
(D) Supreme Court can review its own judgments in the light of new developments
Answer: A
45.       Decisions on the defections about disqualification of the members of the Lok Sabha are made by the
(A) Speaker
(B) Secretary to the Parliament
(C) President in accordance with the opinion of the Election Commission
(D) Prime Minister
Answer: C
46.       "Right to Education" has been placed in the Indian Constitution under .................
(A) 81st Amendment Act
(B) 86th Amendment Act
(C) 85th Amendment Act
(D) 65th Amendment Act
Answer: B
47.       The main factor responsible for growth of Communalism in India is ...............
(A) presence of many religion
(B) past record of Communal Conflicts
(C) discriminatory nature of the Constitution
(D) group based Political Mobilization
Answer: D
48.       Amendment in provisions relating to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes can be made by
(A) By two-thirds majority of the States
(B) Simple Majority of the Parliament
(C) The States alone
(D) Two-thirds majority of the Parliament
Answer: B
49.       The Muslim League decided to boycott Constituent Assembly because
(A) They were maltreated by the non-Muslim members
(B) They were not given adequate representation
(C) They wanted a separate Constituent Assembly
(D) They wanted a Muslim to be elected as the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly
Answer: C
50.    The framers of the Constitution borrowed the idea of Fundamental Rights from the Constitution of
(A) Britain
(C) Canada
Answer: D
51.    Which one of the following is an essential pre-requisite for constitutionalism?
(A) Limited Government
(B) Division of Powers
(C) Guarantee of Fundamental Rights
(D) A Written Constitution
Answer: A
52.    The input-output approach was developed by
(A) Gabriel A. Almond
(B) Robert A. Dahl
(C) David Easton
(D) Talcott Parson
Answer: C
53.    The scope of comparative politics include the study of
(A) Formal structures and their functions
(B) Political processes
(C) Extra-constitutional agencies
(D) All of the above
Answer: D
54.    The National Parliamentary body of China is known as
(A) People's Assembly
(B) National People's Congress
(C) Supreme Soviet
(D) State Council
Answer: B
55.    Structural-functionalism is primarily
(A) A tool of analysis
(B) An explanation for existence of state
(C) An ideology of development
(D) A measurement for comparison
Answer: A
56.    The Canadian Federal system differs essentially from the American system as it provides
(A) Strong States
(B) Strong Centre
(C) Neither weak nor a very strong centre
(D) Neither weak nor a very strong state
Answer: B
57.    'The Supreme Court of America is the third house of the legislature' (Laski). Which is that power that makes the Supreme Court the third Chamber of the legislature?
(A) Original Jurisdiction
(B) Appellate Jurisdiction
(C) Advisory Jurisdiction
(D) Judicial Review
Answer: D
58.    The most powerful legislature in the world is the
(A) Indian Parliament
(B) Swiss Legislature
(C) U.S. Congress
(D) British Parliament
Answer: C
59.    Which school of thought believed that capital formation was the basic feature of development?
(A) Neo-Marxian Theory
(B) Neo-Liberal Theory
(C) Economic Maturity Theory
(D) Classical Theory
Answer: D
60.    Most favored technique of Pressure groups in the USA is ..................
(A) Boycott and Picketing
(B) Lobbying
(C) Peaceful Agitations
(D) Total Strike
Answer: B

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