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Staff Nurse Gr II Medical Solved Paper 018/2018 - Part 2

21.       Which compound is known as inorganic benzene?
(A) borax
(B) diborane
(C) borazine
(D) boric acid
Answer: C
22.       The designation of an orbital with n=4 and l=2 is :
(A) 4d
(B) 4s
(C) 4p
(D) 4f
Answer: A
23.       The element with highest electronegativity is :
(A) chlorine
(B) bromine
(C) iodine
(D) fluorine
Answer: D
24.       Which of the following is not an antibiotic?
(A) tetracycline
(B) ranitidine
(C) ofloxacin
(D) penicillin
Answer: B
25.       Rosenmund’s reduction of an acid chloride gives :
(A) an ester
(B) an alcohol
(C) an aldehyde
(D) a hydrocarbon
Answer: C
26.       The energy gap between the valence band and conduction band for a material is above 6 eV. The material is ..............
(A) super conductor
(B) an insulator
(C) a dopped semiconductor
(D) a conductor
Answer: B
27.       Radius of first orbit of hydrogen atom is 0.53 Å. So the radius of the second orbit will be ..................
(A) 2.12 Å
(B) 4.77 Å
(C) 1.06 Å
(D) 0.27Å
Answer: A
28.       The work done in moving a charge ‘q’ on an equipotential surface is .................
(A) infinity
(B) 0
(C) q/2
(D) 2q
Answer: B
29.       When light of suitable frequency falls on certain metal surfaces, electrons are emitted from it.
This phenomenon is known as ...................
(A) Meissner effect
(B) Zeeman effect
(C) Total internal reflection
(D) Photoelectric effect
Answer: D
30.    The core of the transformer is laminated to ................
(A) Increase the magnetic flux linked with it
(B) Increase the flux leakage
(C) Reduce the power loss due to eddy current
(D) Reduce the hysteresis loss
Answer: C
31.    Haemoglobin has maximum affinity for :
(A) CO
(B) CO2
(C) O2
(D) NH3
Answer: A
32.    Heart beat is initiated by :
(A) AV - Node
(B) Purkinjee Fibres
(C) SA - Node
(D) Bundle of His
Answer: C
33.    Neurotransmitter between neuron and muscle cell is :
(A) Serotonine
(B) Acetylcholine
(C) Dopamine
(D) Endorphin
Answer: B
34.    The Rods and Cones of the eye retinal layer are modified :
(A) Unipolar neurons
(B) Multi polar neurons
(C) Bipolar neurons
(D) None
Answer: C
35.    Malpighian body is constituted by :
(A) Glomarulus only
(B) Glomerulus and efferent-vessel
(C) Glomerulus and afferent vessel
(D) Glomerulus and Bowman’s capsule
Answer: D
36.    Biological product, alpha-1 - antitrypsin is used for the treatment of which of the following diseases :
(A) Cancer
(B) Emphysema
(C) Cystic fibrosis
(D) Phenyl Ketone Urea
Answer: B
37.    The scientific name of ‘Aswgandha’ is :
(A) Withania somnifera
(B) Asparagus racemosus
(C) Woodfordia fruticosa
(D) Adhatoda vasica
Answer: A
38.    The head quarters of Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology is :
(A) Pune
(B) Hyderabad
(C) Delhi
(D) Mumbai
Answer: B
39.    The technique of Polymerase Chain Reaction was developed by :
(A) Maxem and Gilbert
(B) Sanger
(C) Francis Crick
(D) Kary Mullis
Answer: D
40.    Which among the following artificial insemination technology is used for the improvement of cattle population?
Answer: C

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