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Staff Nurse Gr II Medical Solved Paper 018/2018 - Part 3

41.       Which of the following is not a part of portal vein?
(A) Splenic vein
(B) Hepatic vein
(C) Gastric vein
(D) Cystic vein
Answer: B
42.       A form of self-evaluation that help nurse judge personal performance and make judgment about standards of practice :
(A) Repression
(B) Recollection
(C) Regression
(D) Reflection
Answer: D
43.       The point at which the chlorine demand of water is fully met is called :
(A) disinfection point
(B) break point
(C) saturation point
(D) free point
Answer: B
44.       The conflict carried by individuals not for themselves but for an ideal :
(A) positive conflict
(B) direct conflict
(C) indirect conflict
(D) class conflict
Answer: A
45.       Mosquito which breed in dirty and polluted water :
(A) anopheles
(B) culex
(C) aedes
(D) mansonoides
Answer: B
46.       National program of nutritional support to primary education is also known as :
(A) Special nutrition program
(B) Mid day meal scheme
(C) Mid day meal program
(D) Balawadi nutrition program
Answer: B
47.       Epidemiological triad excludes :
(A) Host
(B) Agent
(C) Environment
(D) Health
Answer: D
48.       Injection of diphtheria antitoxin gives :
(A) Active immunity
(B) Passive immunity
(C) Natural immunity
(D) Cellular immunity
Answer: B
49.       The storage temperature of BCG vaccine :
(A) 2-8oC
(B) 8-10oC
(C) 10-12oC
(D) 6-11oC
Answer: A
50.    A strategy for effective communication where the interviewer validate information from the client without changing the meaning of statement :
(A) Clarifying
(B) Summarizing
(C) Paraphrasing
(D) Focusing
Answer: C
51.    Volume of blood pumped by the heart during 1 minute in a normal healthy adult :
(A) 1000 ml/min
(B) 1500 ml/min
(C) 2000 ml/min
(D) 5000 ml/min
Answer: D
52.    Formula used for converting Celsius scale of temperature to Fahrenheit scale :
(A) (9/5)×C+32
(B) (5/9)×C+32
(C) (9×5/32)−C
(D) (5/9)×C−32
Answer: A
53.    A physician order, means medication to be given only once at a specified time :
(A) stat order
(B) prn order
(C) single order
(D) standing order
Answer: C
54.    The site preferred for giving I/M injection for adults and anyone over 7 months old :
(A) Vastus lateralis
(B) Deltoid
(C) Dorso gluteal
(D) Ventro gluteal
Answer: D
55.    Rising ICP (intra cranial pressure) is accompanied by :
(A) Tachycardia and Hypotension
(B) Bradycardia and Hypotension
(C) Bradycardia and Hypertension
(D) Tachycardia and Hypertension
Answer: C
56.    A process of redirecting the energy produced by unacceptable desires or activities so that they become acceptable :
(A) Reaction formation
(B) Projection
(C) Identification
(D) Sublimation
Answer: D
57.    The suitable method to handle an overactive aggressive patient is :
(A) Accepting criticism and verbal attacks without punishment
(B) Firing the person and applying restraints
(C) Avoiding the person and neglect him for a while
(D) Try to cheer up the person and give praise and encouragement
Answer: A
58.    Recommended protein requirement of an Indian adult :
(A) 1g/kg body Wt
(B) 0.1g/kg body Wt
(C) 2g/kg body Wt
(D) 1.5g/kg body Wt
Answer: A
59.    Malnutrition comprises of following form except :
(A) Under nutrition
(B) Over nutrition
(C) Imbalance
(D) Micro nutrition
Answer: D
60.    The ratio for giving external chest compression and breathing in CPR :
(A) 30 : 2
(B) 15 : 2
(C) 30 : 4
(D) 15 : 4
Answer: A

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